The Gem & I Collection began 8 years ago when I was searching to find something that would fulfill the creativity I had deep inside my heart. Through trials and tribulations, my passions and abilities evolved through jewelry design. What began as a creative outlet has now blossomed into the fine creations you see before you.

There is a great deal of myself in each and every design I create. All of my ideas are inspired through life experiences and dreams. Through intuition and following my heart, the piece becomes a reflection of my own vision. Every facet of the design is carefully chosen for its individuality. Often a design may go unfinished due in part to my desire to make every piece as special as the person who chooses to wear it.

I love the gift that I have been given and am ever so grateful that I listened and followed the yearning in my heart. May the piece of Jewelry you select always remind you to listen and follow your heart!

Warm Blessing to all,