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Inspiration That Comes From the Heart

I always loved quality goods. In my opinion, neat goods are the ones that come from the soul, from your heart.

After all, such things become something more, than just another piece of junk. Everything becomes perfect in them: texture, when you run your hand over the top of the material you may feel it's smooth texture; Design, where nothing is excessive or flashy; reliable hardware that will serve you for very long time; and, perhaps the most important part - the human efforts, when the goods are being created by the ones who make it with love.

We fulfill the incorporeal leather and cold furniture with warm life, solicitude to the people we work with and wish for human insight. That is why I've decided to turn this spiritual impulse into material form.

Thus was born the spirit, the InCarne spirit, and you know what? I was very lucky. Lucky to succeed and meet people that share same views and love what they do.

We are a relatively young self-developing team, that try to create new things and experiment diversely for only one purpose - quality, durable leather accessories.

I sincerely hope that we've managed to meet our goal and you will be able to feel and enjoy what we've created for you.

Andrew and his InCarne team

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Луцк, Волынская область, Украина