Finding my Joy through Handcrafting Beauties in Leather

Graduate of Los Angeles F.I.D.M for Fashion Design, I worked in the Industry about 10 yrs before moving to Arizona. Became a Mother of 4 wonderfull Children and 6 Dogs. As you see Im a busy Lady but as my children Get older and need less of my attention I found myself wondering what can I do to contribute to my Familys Income to ease our Finacial burdens. I have sewn since I left school have done custom work, alterations, costumes, Weddings but it seems now a days no one is willing to pay what I feel is a Great art. So I taught myself many things over the course of my life to expand my creative life. I have learned to make Beaded jewelry,
Knit, Scrapbook, and Leather work. Which has turned into a real passion and has given me true happiness doing it. I just hope People appreciate this art and can see the beauty I do with Leather.