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> The Jewelry that I design springs from my love of shiny objects .. the magic of beautiful stones .. of craftsmanship and the uncommon.

I've created a trove of adornments that primarily reflect my enjoyment of ancient Aztec & Maya iconic art. A deep appreciation of the imagery and enigmatic beauty of the world that was ancient Mesoamerica is what influences my artworks. I cut and polish many of the stones .. hand forge and fabricate all the silver settings and most chains.

> Decorative arts such as tiles and cast stone ornamental objects are an extension of my passion for the hieroglyphs of ancient scribes. The cast stone objects that I produce are very tactile. The purpose of these relics is to convey a look and feel of ancient artifact that can be used in the garden or lavished in the home.

> My Paintings are suggestive of the pictographs and places in Mesoamerican culture that provoke my creative inspiration. Focusing on rhythm, balance and color to achieve a dynamic equilibrium is what I find interesting and challenging about the creative process.