A stay at home mom since 2003, I rediscovered my sewing machine when my daughter Olive was born. Searching for infant dresses in bold, brilliant, beautiful colors was like trying to milk a tumbleweed, so I began hitting the fabric stores.

It turned out there were other toddlers in need of fun clothing. With the encouragement of friends, family, and random strangers, Modern Olive was born in 2009. We started with Albuquerque area craft fairs, opening our Etsy shop January of 2010, and Zibbet in December of 2013.

From start to finish, I hand-make every single item you see in the shop from the comfort of my own home. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I am happy as can be living in the high desert of New Mexico.

About all those fleece soakers...

I originally fell in love with cloth diapering in 2008. In 2011, I found myself with a heavy wetting baby boy who miraculously wanted to sleep through the night but whose cloth diapers needed more oomph for those long stretches. Hooray for fleece soakers!

Another reason I love them? They are something I can make for the little guys! As mom to two incredible sons, handmade for boys is where my heart is.