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Seal Beach, Californië, United States

Our shop policies


Welcome to my new annex where you will find images not available elsewhere.
I have transferred many images from another location and I have tried to edit out references to that company-I have missed some and will fix them a s a p:

IMAGES will be emailed to the email address on your paypal account.
If you don't get an image check your spam folders first-I am on the west coast of the USA in Pacific Time-your image will go out within 24 hours-there is no auto send-I do it all so please be patient-If you havn't heard from me within 24 hours email me at rickstdennis@yahoo.com-Thanks.

I don't do PNG files anymore - sorry.

Order carefully there are no refunds on digital stamps.
These are original drawings by RICK ST DENNIS MFA for your use as digital stamps or clip art in your crafting projects.
You can print them, resize them, flip them; digital stamps are wonderfully versatile.
The files will be somewhat large because these are high resolution scans to make your projects even better.
All sales are final. If you do not understand how to use digital stamps or what they are please research them on the internet BEFORE purchasing.
You may not use these images to create items in Zazzle, Café Press or similar services, you may not use them as logos or portions of logos unless you purchase a logo service from us, you may not use them on mass produced items like T-shirts-all items must be hand made by you - I retain the copyright nationally and internationally - Thank you,

Shipping details

Images are delivered via email to your registered email address within 24 hours-if you do not receive an image please check you spam folders etc.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

There are no returns, refunds or exchanges on digital stamps. No exceptions.

Additional information


Images are shipped via email-I try to group images so the email attachment is less than 2 MB-if you order multiple images you MAY get multiple emails. I will ship to the email on your paypal account.

NO, you cannot use the image as a logo for any company, club or team-sorry! I do logos and the contract includes the right to do T shirts and other advertising items-Those items normally pay you back for the cost of the logo and only you have the artwork I sell you for your logo it's done FOR YOU-a much better investment of you money-Prices start at $100.00 USD

A Pigma micron, usually .005, on Seth Cole drawing vellum-I do not use a Tablet or other digital device-my images are all hand drawn then scanned at 300 or 600 dpi=edited in Photoshop and saved on flash drives.

I use Adobe Photoshop exclusively for editing my images-if you are looking for a photo editing program I suggest Photoshop Expressions and not the APP-the full product-try Amazon its the least expensive and the software is REAL.