I'm Brenda, the owner/operator/artist/crafter whatever you want to call it, behind Stitch 1 Stitch 2. I've been sewing for over 10 years and knitting for over 5.

Growing up I watched my gramma knit and my mom sew, and they both tried to teach me, but I had no interest in either. It wasn't until my mom gave me her old sewing machine that I my interest sparked and I began sewing for my own children. But now that they're older they're not so excited about my homemade clothes.

My interest in knitting started when I was looking for a hobby to take with me when I waited for the kids at gymnastics and basketball. With the help of internet and a couple knitting books I taught myself to knit. Starting with small projects like hats and scarves and eventually working my way up to larger more complex projects.

I sew and knit for a stress reliever, and sometimes to avoid housework, so I'm always working on something, and I'd love to work with you.


Cedar, Oak Grove, MN 55011, USA