Manage your handmade inventory with the free Inventory Management Template. Inside this template, you can organize your inventory across multiple sales channels, track your sales and make sure your stock is always in sync. The Inventory Manager is for handmade sellers who sell products on more than one channel such as:

  • Handmade Marketplaces (Etsy, Zibbet, Amazon Handmade etc)
  • On Demand Marketplaces (Society 6, Spoonflower, Creative Market)
  • Standalone website (Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly)
  • Craft fairs and trade shows
  • Wholesale accounts


How to use the Inventory Management Template

Enter your details below to get the link to the Inventory Manager sent to your email. The template has been designed in Google Sheets so you’ll have to duplicate it to your own Google Drive. To do this, click on the link you receive, select File in Google Sheets and Make A Copy.

Now you can edit your Inventory Management Template with your business information and start tracking your latest orders.


Manage your handmade inventory

Inside the template you can list all your products you currently sell. There’s space to add photos, titles, descriptions, prices and stock levels. As a central database for all your handmade items, you can quickly copy and paste your titles/descriptions/tags and any other information into new listings on other websites and sales platforms.


Monitor your stock

When you’re selling on different craft channels it’s easy to lose track of your inventory and accidentally sell something that you don’t have in stock. To prevent this from happening, the Inventory Manager allows you to keep track of your stock (based on your orders) so that you can accurately update your stock quantity across all platforms.


Track your orders and sales

Finally, you can keep a database of all your orders and sales in one place. Never forget about a customer, a shipment or an order again. Quickly see how much revenue and profit you’re making and see where most of your sales are coming from.


About the Inventory Management Template:

Inside your download you will receive:

  • An Inventory Management Template in Google Sheets format
  • Pre-designed and simple to update
  • Space to list 10 products. Simply copy and paste the products to add more.
  • Space to include a product photo, title, description, price and stock level across up to 5 channels.
  • Space to add orders to track with customer details
  • This is a digital download which means you can add your own customized details to the template and build your own Inventory Manager based on your shop needs