When it comes to your Marketing Strategy, less is more. Focus on the channels that your customer frequents, where you shine and do those really well. The free Marketing Channel Map template is a worksheet that allows you to plan your top marketing channels, outline the activities you will be doing and it allows you to think about the big picture of your marketing plan.


How to use the Marketing Channel Map

Print out your Marketing Channel Map and start planning your strategy.


Pick a channel that many of your ideal customers use and a channel that you feel comfortable promoting on.


Set the expectation of how often you will post or publish to your chosen channel.

Content ideas and topics

Map out some of the future pieces you would like to publish on each content. This will help you outline the kinds of topics and themes you would like to touch on to help your customers.


About the Marketing Channel Map

Inside your free download you will receive:

  • A printable Marketing Channel Map in PDF format
  • 8.5 x 11 inch (Letter Size)
  • Space for 4 different marketing channel outlines and plans. Print out more copies to plan out extra marketing channels you want to target.