A Marketing Funnel for your handmade shop is the process of building a system for your business that nurtures and supports your customers from when they first hear about your product. On average, people need to be exposed to a brand 7 times before they purchase from you.

When your potential customers first sees your creations on social media or finds you on Google, you should be finding techniques to build a relationship with them. The simplest way you can do this is to build a marketing funnel. Over time, with a funnel, you can build trust with your community, educate them about your product or just keep your brand at the top of their mind. Eventually, you’ll start to see that your community turn into buyers as you guide them through your marketing funnel.


How to use the Marketing Funnel Template

Step 1: Be Discovered

Outline how your potential customers will be first exposed to your business. Think of a marketing channel that allows you to reach a lot of people. After this you can start thinking about creating content for these discovery channels that get new people interested in your brand and products.


Step 2: Gain Trust

Next, outline a way that people exposed to your business can express interest and take the next step in learning about what you do. Perhaps, this is how you incentivize new people to turn into followers, subscribers or free members of your community.


Step 3: Take action

This is the step that turns your community members into paying customers. Write down the action or goal that results in revenue for your business and outline the marketing methods you will use to help nurture and convert your followers.


Step 4: Encourage advocacy

The last step of the funnel is about bringing your customer base back and encouraging repeat orders. Think about ways your customers can share their positive experiences with their friends or marketing campaigns that you can send out to give your customers a reason to shop your items again.


About the Marketing Funnel Template

Inside your free download you will receive:

  • A printable Marketing Funnel Template in PDF format
  • 8.5 x 11 inch (Letter Size)
  • Space to plan and build out your Marketing funnel
  • An easy to follow example to help inspire your own planning