The SEO Keyword Research tool allows you to start brainstorming and formulating the best search terms for your handmade store. Start by collecting all your keyword ideas, narrowing them down to broad and specific keywords, and finally analyze which ones will perform the best. Get more traffic to your shop, find more customers and make more sales. The keyword research sheet is perfect whether you’re selling on your own website or on marketplaces like Zibbet, Etsy and Amazon Handmade.


How to use the SEO Keyword Research Sheet

Print out your printable SEO Keyword Research Sheet and start workshopping your keywords. Each worksheet is suitable to plan out keywords for one product or focal keyword.


Brain dump

Start by brainstorming all the different individual words you can think of for your product. The worksheet will give you prompts and i deas to help you generate many words that describe your item.


Write down your short-tail (broad) keywords

Next, link together words from your brain dump and create some broad keywords that your potential customers would search to explain what your product is.


Write down your long-tail (specific) keywords

Narrow it down even further by crafting longer keywords that very specific and targeted.


Analyze and choose your most effective keywords

Finally, use a Keyword Tool Planner like EtsyRank, Marmalead or Google Keyword Planner to check the demand (search volume), competition (other shops using the same keyword) and engagement (likes, saves and shares) of the keyword. You’ll also be asked to rate how relevant the keyword is to your creation and whether it targets a niche audience or not.


About the SEO Keyword Research Sheet

Inside your download you will receive:

  • A downloadable Keyword Planner in PDF format
  • 8.5 x 11 inch (Letter Size), 2 pages
  • Space to write down your single brain dump words
  • Space to write down your short tail and long tail keywords and a rating system to help you choose the magic keyword.
  • Each worksheet is suitable for one product or keyword. Print out more pages to plan out other products or keywords.