Get your handmade shop found – the SEO Keyword Research worksheet and SEO Checklist bundle will help you improve your website’s SEO for Google.

The website Keyword Research tool let’s you analyze 5 global keywords for your online shop.

The On-Page Website SEO checklist is your perfect companion when you are overhauling your shop SEO. Tick off SEO best practices and put your website in the best possible spot – at the top.


How to use the SEO Website Focus Keyword Worksheet

Print out your printable SEO Website Keyword worksheet and start discovering your focus keyword.

Step 1

Write down 5 keyword phrases that explain what your shop sells, who you sell to and the purpose of your shop.

Step 2

Audit your own website by putting the keyword into Google. Write down which page you appear on.

Step 3

Use a Keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner to view the competitiveness and how many average monthly searches the keyword receives.

Step 4

Choose your focus keyword by defining the keyword that:

  • The keyword is very relevant to what your shop is about
  • Has a high amount of average monthly searches
  • Has a medium amount of competition
  • You appear in at least one of the first 10 pages in Google


How to use the Website SEO Checklist

Print out the SEO checklist and make your way down the list using your focus keyword. The checklist is the perfect companion for an SEO update or to keep handy whenever you are publishing new pages and items to your online store.


About the tools

Inside your download you will receive:

  • A downloadable SEO Website Keyword worksheet in PDF format
  • A downloadable SEO Checklist in PDF format
  • 8.5 x 11 inch (Letter Size)
  • Each worksheet is suitable for one shop or focus keyword