I have been making my beads and jewelry for quite a few years now. I really enjoy the processes involved in creating these very unique pieces. Much of my jewelry is one of a kind because I make my beads in very limited quantities. The woods that I work with come from all over the world. They come in a variety of surprising colours, beautiful grains, and gorgeous lustres. I also use some dyed wood veneers to add an extra element of colour and detail.

My husband, Brian, is a cabinet and box maker. He introduced me to the wonderful world of wood. I began by using the off cuts leftover from his projects, pieces too small to be used in his work. They were so beautiful that I had to find a use for them and my idea for handmade beads and jewelry was born. Brian has been my inspiration, my teacher, continues to help me hone my skills, and assists me sometimes too.

Our home, a small rubble stone farmhouse built in 1870, is located in the beautiful rolling countryside near Walkerton, Ontario. My banner (above) is a photo that I took on a warm Spring day from our back deck which, in the summer, is the perfect spot to enjoy sipping some of Niagara, Ontario's fabulous wines and barbecuing our delicious local Bruce County beef and pork! There are some wonderful Lake Huron beaches within a half hour drive from our farm. We are fortunate to own a fifty acre parcel of good farm land and bush. We work out of the shop/studio that we built for ourselves when we moved here a number of years ago.

Thank you for visiting my Zibbet shop. I am so happy to be here and to be able to share my artistic vision with you! If you have any questions regarding my work please contact me, I'd love to chat with you! :)


Walkerton, ON, Canada